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Have you met the Rockin' Roadshow personalities? The show brings a mix of genius with relevant news and even timely advice from the one-and-only Chaplin Plato! WATCH NOW!



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After long, sleepless hours at the drafting table, negotiations with foreign potentates, and countless dollars thrown at lawyers, tech-geeks, and other bribes paid off to certain government officials, Rockin Roadshow has RETURNED!

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Dave "Flash" Morgan is a native of the Tampabay area and was an on-air personality for several radio stations. He is currently a host of the weekly Born To Ride television show showcasing bikers and events throughout the country. Taking his show on the road as a DJ for many biker events, he has decided to incorporate the best of radio with the element of live TV.



Kirsten "Kirstie" Joyer is the pigment of our imagination and part-time co-host on the show. She offers the female perspective and her presence balances out the abundance of testosterone on the show. Howard Stern has Robin and we have Kirstie. A retired school administrator and published author, she was drawn into the RR experience because of her friendship with the cast.

She instantly fell in love with the "Biker" lifestyle and asked if she could work with us on a voluntary basis.

Kirstie helps with marketing, sales and anything else that needs to be done. She is also the lead singer for the official RR band "Mainstream". She enjoys working with the network/show because it provides her with the opportunity to accomplish her goal of making the planet a better place than it was when she found it.



A web developer and avid biker with well over a quarter million miles. Howie rides a 2006 GL1800 and is a member of the HRCA and GWRRA. He enjoys riding in groups and is proud of his biker wife (rides her own GL1800). He manages a Web Operations Department for a local marketing firm.

Howie loves to give back to the community, and if he can incorporate a motorcycle ride, he will plan it too.

Having a computer / internet / promotions background made him a perfect fit as producer of the Rockin' Roadshow Visual Radio Show. While Flash runs the mic, Howie is running the electronics that allow you to watch his show live on the internet.



Lucky 13 was born Bobby in Elizabeth, NJ and moved to Florida in 1970 when he was 6 years old. He proudly served in the US Navy and was stationed in Key West which is where he met his Latina wife and married her in 1985. Lucky 13 and his family lived in Key West until they relocated to the Tampabay area in 2005.

He is a master plumber and has 20+ years of service with the Federal Government. Lucky 13 is very mechanically inclined which is why he was dubbed "Bob of All Trades" by Marilyn Eastman, who is better known as Helen Cooper from the 1968 movie "Night of the Living Dead" (yes he is her personal plumber and handy man). He's been riding bikes since he was in grade school and has logged thousands of miles since that time. It was his love of riding and stories of the road that finally piqued his wife's curiosity of this unique culture that prompted her to learn to ride several years ago. Lucky rides a V-Star 1100 custom and Mrs. 13 rides a Roadstar 1600.



Chaplin Plato is Ordained in Universal Life and the modern day Dear Abby for the rest of the world. He is willing to take your everyday problems, questions and quandaries and speak to them LIVE on the Rockin' Roadshow program while keeping your identity anonymous.  


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